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Does your child struggle with sounding out words, remembering basic words, reading fluently, or remembering what they’ve read? Does your child avoid reading? Are spelling and writing frustrating? Every struggling reader can read and write to their potential if the root causes of reading and writing disorders are taught: 

   * phonemic awareness  * symbol imagery    * concept imagery  *orthographic coding 

Anchor Learning Solutions offers online reading and writing tutoring and dyslexia tutoring. I use a multi-sensory Orton-Gillingham approach to close your child’s reading gap as quickly as possible. Programs such as Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes®, Inc.* including: LiPS® Phoneme Sequencing Program, Seeing Stars® Program, Visualizing and Verbalizing (V/V)® Program, as well as other multi-sensory programs and materials are used to remediate the root cause of your child’s struggles!

"I first discovered Anchor Learning Solutions through an online search. I was looking for a way to help my 11 yr old son prepare for the big jump to middle school. He struggled with reading and writing skills, and I was concerned that the pace of middle school was going to leave him floundering. From Cindy’s initial response, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional. She was thorough and responsive to my questions, and her follow up notes were very informative. I also appreciated her sincere interest in my son as she worked with him to build skills that would help him approach his reading & writing over the long term. Few kids enjoy doing “school work” in the summer, but even he admitted “It’s kind of fun, Mom.” I am happy to report that he has successfully moved into his first year of middle school and is making great progress thanks to Cindy’s help. I highly recommend her services to any parent looking for extra help for their child." ... Cindy Monin, mother of a sixth grade student

Help for Struggling Readers and Writers, and Dyslexia

Help for struggling readers and writers

Reading involves phonemic awareness, phonics, vocabulary, comprehension, and fluency. It’s so important to know which areas a reader is struggling with. Phonemic awareness is the building block. Readers need to put together auditory (hearing) and kinesthetic (feeling) feedback so they can self-check sounds within words. Readers also need to visualize sounds and letters (symbol imagery) to remember sight words and read more fluently. With the right interventions, struggling readers CAN close the reading gap. Your child can blossom into a confident reader! 

Closing the reading gap quickly

Being able to “see the whole” is key to comprehension. But many people struggle with “making pictures in your mind’s eye” (concept imagery). Connecting those parts to make a “whole picture” can be hard. This must be explicitly taught in order to comprehend and improve higher level thinking skills. Improving vocabulary is also important. If a person struggles with comprehension, it affects so many areas of their lives, especially as they move on into middle school, high school and beyond. Remediating the root causes of poor comprehension can be a life-changer for struggling readers!


Writing is a complex process! You must put together handwriting, spelling, vocabulary, grammar, and different writing styles. But writing requires much more! It’s being able to communicate and share thoughts through the written word. Your child may struggle with spelling. But it’s often the comprehension and organization pieces that are the most difficult. Using a variety of multisensory methods and materials, struggling writers can gain the needed writing tools to get their ideas down without the heartache!


A comprehensive assessment identifies strengths and needs. Using these results, I develop an intervention plan to meet your child’s needs as quickly as possible. It takes training, diagnostic knowledge and experience to move struggling readers and writers from testing to intervention to success at a rapid pace. That means constantly adjusting my teaching based on how the learner is doing at that moment. I have years of diagnostic experience to help your struggling reader and writer close the learning gap to their potential!

“Cindy Zmuda worked with my son using these methods. In six months, he gained three years in reading, and went from being a non-reader to reading at the third grade level. Her caring way, ability to connect with my son, and creative ways to adjust methods and materials to meet his needs made all the difference! She truly changed his life!” … mother of a student