Technology Checklist

❖ Computer with Windows 7 or newer, or Mac OS X 10.7 or later

❖ If using tablet or iPad: Surface PRO 2 or newer, IOS & Android devices

❖ Web Camera (built in or USB)

❖ Microphone (built in, USB, microphone on earbuds, etc.)

❖ Earbuds or headphones

❖ Mouse, if using a computer. May need a stylus pen if using a tablet/ipad.

❖ Updated Chrome browser (specialized multisensory platform built for use with Chrome)

❖ ZOOM Video Conferencing downloaded ( ). If using a tablet/ipad, download the Zoom app. When it’s time for a session, I’ll email the ZOOM room number, you’ll double click on the link in the email, and we’ll both connect.

Network Requirements

❖ Run a speed test at

    ➢ Download/upload speed of at least 1.2 Mbps (2 – 2.6 Mbps is ideal)

    ➢ Minimum download/upload speed is 600kbps, but will be slower

❖ Limit use of the network by other devices during the online instruction session as much as possible ( other devices streaming content such as Netflix, Pandora, etc., will drastically reduce bandwidth required for online instruction ).