How Are Assessments Given?

A complete assessment that measures processing abilities and specific skills is so important in helping struggling readers and writers to reach their potential! All assessments are given online. First, I assesses each client to find strengths, weaknesses, and determine where the gaps in processing abilities and learning skills are. These assessments will measure: 

  • phonemic awareness
  • sounding out words
  • word reading
  • paragraph reading
  • reading comprehension
  • reading fluency
  • following directions
  • spelling (if determined as need)
  • writing sample analysis (if determined as a need)

After the assessment is complete, I’ll consult with you (the parent if a child), and go over the results, explaining how each result affects learning. Based on these diagnostic results, I will develop an individualized multisensory intervention plan that will close the gap for the struggling reader as quickly as possible.

Progress monitoring will be done on a monthly basis to determine what gains have been made, the rate of those gains, and what changes need to be made to continue to see the needed gains to close the learning gap.