Special Education

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These resources are listed alphabetically, with many of the sites offering similar information. This is only a small sampling of the information available.

Alaskan Parent Special Education Handbook, by Stone Soup Group, is an easy-to-read guide to parental rights and the IEP process. It is intended as a guide for families caring for children with special needs.

Anatomy of Your Child’s IEP: Your child’s “Individualized Education Plan (IEP)” can be confusing to look at and read, especially the first time. “Understood” offers a handy visual aid to help you better understand each section of your child’s IEP.

CHADD (Children and Adults with Attention-Deficit/ Hyperactivity Disorder) is the nation’s leading nonprofit organization serving people affected by ADHD. Local chapters hold regular meetings providing support and information.

LDA (Learning Disabilities Association) has a wealth of information on understanding learning disabilities, negotiating the special education process, and helping your child and yourself.

PACER is the Minnesota Parent Training and Information Center full of resources for parents. It is staffed primarily by parents of children with disabilities dedicated to helping parents find the resources they need to advocate for their child. If your child has been identified as needing special education services this is a great place to find information, includingips for effectively communicating in IEP meetings and many more resources.

Parent Training and Information Centers (PTI) is a listing of the Parent and Information Centers in all 50 states.

Special Education Resources on the Internet (SERI) is an endless list of internet resources on disabilities and special education topics, including parent resources.

SNRP (Special Needs Resource Project) of Alaska lists various agency information parents may be seeking contact information for.

“The Complete List of Free Things and Grants for Kids with Special Needs” is a list of organizations providing medical and therapy help.

Understood  is a comprehensive online resource for parents of children with learning and attention issues. It offers personalized support, access to  experts, and specially designed tools for parents.

“Financial Planning for Children with Disabilities”  guide is a great resource for families that need more help preparing for their financial future. Three financial experts offer their advice for parents who have children with disabilities.