Success Stories

"I first discovered Anchor Learning Solutions through an online search. I was looking for a way to help my 11 yr old son prepare for the big jump to middle school. He struggled with reading and writing skills, and I was concerned that the pace of middle school was going to leave him floundering. From Cindy’s initial response, I could tell that I was dealing with a professional. She was thorough and responsive to my questions, and her follow up notes were very informative. I also appreciated her sincere interest in my son as she worked with him to build skills that would help him approach his reading & writing over the long term. Few kids enjoy doing “school work” in the summer, but even he admitted “It’s kind of fun, Mom.” I am happy to report that he has successfully moved into his first year of middle school and is making great progress thanks to Cindy’s help. I highly recommend her services to any parent looking for extra help for their child."
Cindy Monin, mother of a sixth grade student
"My daughter had struggled with understanding what she read all through elementary and middle school. She worked with Cindy over one summer, and what a difference it made! My daughter went back to school in the fall much more confident, and able to understand what she read. It made all the difference for the rest of her high school years!"
Mike D., father of high school student
"By the time my daughter reached third grade, she was so discouraged with reading, even though she'd been receiving services at school. Right from the start, Cindy quickly pinpointed where the gaps were in her reading and my daughter made leaps and bounds. Not only that, Cindy encouraged her, and me as a parent, in a way no one else has!"
Carmen B., mother of a third grade student
"Cindy taught my son when he first started school and was really struggling with understanding sounds and letters, and just basic readiness skills. He made huge gains with reading over the next few years. She helped us as parents, too, during the struggles, and always tried to encourage and offer resources for us!"
Charles W., father of student
"Cindy was such a tremendous help with our nine year old son who was reading well below his grade level. He was starting to have problems at school because he was so discouraged. Not only did his reading greatly improve, but more importantly, he gained confidence in himself again."
Sarah, mother of struggling reader
"Cindy tutored my son for eight weeks one summer. He had struggled with reading, even with a good deal of help at school. Cindy was able to bring his reading level up two years in that short time! He actually started reading on his own!"​
Mother of a second grade student
"I worked with Cindy as a teacher and parent. As a teacher, I found her to be professional, confidential, and well-versed in current best practices. As a parent of a child with learning disabilities and social communication difficulties, Cindy was patient, compassionate, and knowledgeable while working with his specific needs. I highly recommend Cindy Zmuda!"
Robin O., mother of student and colleague
"I have known Cindy Zmuda for about twenty years and have had the pleasure of working with her for much of that time. She is a devoted educator who really understands how children learn and what methods work best. Cindy understands multisensory teaching techniques which helps children learn through more than one sense. She knows that reading is a complex process. With that in mind, Cindy uses a diagnostic-prescriptive approach which enables her to pinpoint each learners' needs. I wholeheartedly recommend Cindy to work with your child!
Sue H., colleague
"I would highly recommend this tutoring & intervention service. As a teacher, Cindy has decades of experience and knowledge to know what each struggling learner needs. She teaches with fidelity, cares about each and every learner, and has exited many students from Special Education because of her ability to meet their learning needs. She would be a godsend for any struggling reader and writer!"
Shanna B., colleague
"I worked with Cindy for over 10 years, and during this time we also did some team teaching. Cindy is a kind and compassionate teacher. She helps build students' self-esteem, thus helping them accomplish goals. Cindy worked with my low vision son. She helped him with all areas of academics, in a kind yet structured way. I highly recommend Cindy as a private tutor! All children should be so lucky to have someone in their life like Cindy Zmuda!"
Ann C., mother of student and colleague